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If you wish to post, you do need to register. By MrsOhara in forum General Chat. coursework master questions and answers pdf Luke H asked on Mar 19, Britex Carpet Cleaner liquid - 1 litre and Britex Carpet de-foamer - ml - these are leftovers from my carpet cleaning.

Rockdale Area Wolli Creek. I had no problem using it with only water, although I did use the de-foamer in the other tank which collects the dirty water as per normal. help with a research paper sa filipino 2 Inefficient and very loud.

Cil27 replied on Jun 30, I was satisfied with the result. If you wish to post, you do need to register. best custom writing in the world Britex is simply the best and most cost effective DIY carpet cleaning system when cleaning your carpets in your home, car, boats or caravan plus your upholsteries.

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Britex posted on Feb 19, The staff member that assisted me showed me where I had to put the defoaming and cleaning solutions. It is slightly big to lug around although it is reasonably light, that would be my only negative comment. I don't think that is the case at all it is more they want to sell you their exorbitantly priced cleaning products.

Britex carpet cleaner PU anytime Rozelle. We Haven't hired a pro in many years now. For stubborn stains use a Good quality Soda Water sprinkled over the top of the stain and then clean again. From the quote process through to the cleaning the guys provided an excellent service. I gave it a go when she bought it home, gave it the benefit of the doubt.

You can use a small amount of fabric softener which will do the same job. The carpets were left as a saturated and un-clean mess. Verified Customer Fabulous steam cleaner! We do recommend that you purchase the Britex detergent as we know it does a thorough cleaning job without damaging your carpet

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Muna posted on Feb 05, We hired the Britex upholstery cleaning system from Bunnings and the results far exceeded our expectations. Cil27 replied on Jun 30, Can you do fabric sofas with it as well?

S asked on Jun 29, This amount was more than enough for us to clean up 3 bedrooms, 2 rugs, a 3-seat couch and our car's upholstery! However, if its something u will do every 3,6,9,12 months etc Get the britex not the rug doctor, its more like a vaccum and i found you get better better results and its easier to use. My service guy Mark turned up on time and w

Aumi8 posted on Feb 19, Write a review on ProductReview. I gave it a go when she bought it home, gave it the benefit of the doubt. professional writing services rates in chennai Thanks for your question. Hurry, take them before I dispose them!

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I wish i remembered the Ladies name that i spoke to because she was very helpful and extremely nice. Cil27 replied on Aug 10, We also recommend using defoamer in the dirty water tank as if your carpet has previously been cleaned with detergent and a soapy residue has been left, the defoamer will prevent the dirty water from foaming up and potentially damaging your carpet or the Britex machine. Thanks everyone for replying! When we moved in there were already stains on the carpet which didn't come out but all the stains we had made all came out.

It was very easy to use. My brother purchased this house with used unclean high pile carpets. If you use extra elbow grease vacuuming, you will get the carpets dry enough compared to the previous professional job. Thanks everyone for replying! I complained to the woolworths manager about their cross-selling techniques, I just wanted a rug doctor in the first place and I'm not sure of their motive to talk my wife into the Britex instead.

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